Ayurvedic Recipes

Enjoy our many recipes designed to meet your Ayurvedic needs...

Spices & Oils

Add flavor and balance with spices...

Spices are not just great flavor-enhancers, they come with therapeutic properties as well. Our Churnas are precise blends of spices and seasonings that include all six ayurvedic tastes. Sauté the Churna in Ghee and add to your dishes, add some to soups, stews and sauces as they're cooking or sprinkle over prepared vegetables or rice at the table. Convenient, and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Stimulating Kapha Churna is a zesty blend of Ginger, Pepper, Coriander and other spices.

Get "Spice Wise" and find out how spice can help with your "Digestive Fire" (Agni)...

Note: The recipes in all of the following tables are categorized by dosha.
If you are a vata dosha or need to pacify vata, use the the vata recipes.
If you are a pitta dosha or need to pacify pitta, use the pitta recipes.
If you are a kapha dosha or need to pacify kapha, use the kapha recipes.
Balances all doshas.

Allergy Season Spice Mixture
Baked Fennel Seeds
Detoxifying Spice Mixture
Emotional Balance Spice Mixture
Garam Masala
Immunity-Boosting Spice Mixture
Six-Taste Spice Mixture for Vata Balancing
Six-Taste Spice Mixture for Pitta Balancing
Six-Taste Spice Mixture for Kapha Balancing

Appetizers & Condiments

Cilantro Chutney
Mango Chutney


Agni Tea
Bedtime Milk with Ginger & Nutmeg
Cardamom-Rose Water Lassi
Cilantro-Mint Lassi for Pitta
Detoxifying Tea
Fennel Tea for Digestion
Ginger-Black Pepper Lassi for Kapha
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea for Kapha
Masala Chai
Courtesy of Pabla Indian Cuisine
Mango Lassi
Courtesy of Pabla Indian Cuisine
Pitta Reducing Tea
Sweet Mango Lassi
Vata Reducing Tea


Detoxifying Soup for Kapha
Detoxifying Soup for Pitta
Detoxifying Soup for Vata


Scrambled Tofu & Asparagus for Vata


Aloo Gabhi (Potato and Califlower)
Courtesy of Pabla Indian Cuisine
Braised Curly Kale for Kapha
Broccoli and Mungbean Bake
Carrot Coconut Delight
Easy Black Beans with Vegetables
Green Beans
Green Mungbean Soup
courtesy of Pabla Indian Cuisine
Gujarati Tridoshic Beans
Kale with Chic Peas for Pitta
Mixed Dal
Mixed Vegetables in Almond Sauce
Mung Dhal with Vegetables
Okra with Yogurt & Coconut
Spiced Cauliflower
Sweet and Sour Carrots for Vata


Basmati Rice and Vegetable Pulao
Indian Chapatis
Pulao Rice
courtesy of Pabla Indian Cuisine
Quinoa Pulao (Pilaf)
Quinoa with Vegetables and Greens for Kapha-Balancing Diets
Rice Uppama