Medical Services


To wish to be well is a part of becoming well. —Seneca
Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. —Sivananda

We offer functional and integrative medical care, including preventative health care services. Keesha Ewers is a PhD and an ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) with a specialty in Family Practice and is a state licensed, fully credentialed clinician with full prescriptive authority.

Dr. Keesha believes in stimulating the body’s own vital force to achieve an optimal cure rather than only using palliative measures to mask the symptoms of disease.

Scope of Practice

  • Medical histories and Physical Examinations (excluding annual GYN exams)
  • Diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests such as x-rays, blood work, and EKG's
  • Prescribe medications, botanicals, supplements as needed
  • Prescribe physical therapy, massage therapy, and other rehabilitation therapy
  • Provide education to allow patients to make decisions about their own health (see our very comprehensive blog library and Keesha's daily radio show Healthy YOU! Radio)
  • Perform procedures such as cryotherapy
  • Refer to other health care providers as needed

We Treat

Treatment Philosophy

 Our clinical approach to testing and treatment is:Medical Services

  • Individualized to the patient.
  • Focus on early recognition of functional changes.
  • Aim to prevent and ameliorate chronic disease by strengthening and tonifying the body’s organs and systems.
  • Integrate the best of Western, Functional, environmental, and psychosocial sciences as well as energetic and Ayurvedic medicine.

Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach focuses on seven major areas which are often at the root of most diseases and discomfort.

  • Hormone balancing: Effective use of natural modalities to adjust imbalances in the body’s endocrine system can completely resolve debilitating symptoms of PMS, infertility, menopause, menstrual irregularities, diabetes, hypoglycemia, thyroid disorders etc.
  • Allergy testing and elimination: Identification & elimination of inhalant, chemical and food allergies.... often a cause of many chronic diseases.
  • Restoring optimal digestive function: Both ancient wisdom and current research have shown that poor digestive health is linked to most diseases. Identifying, repairing, and preventing further organ damage helps restore optimal function.
  • Detoxification: Usually the critical component to any health recovery process, both intra cellular and extra cellular detoxification are important. Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, Homeopathic, nutritional and physical medicine methods are used for effective detoxification.
  • Adrenal and thyroid fatigue: Our high stress society and lifestyle choices are making it harder and harder to maintain balance. It is essential that the adrenals and thyroid work or the body cannot heal and regain its equilibrium. The adrenals and thyroid gland are the opposite sides of the same coin...where one goes, so goes the other.
  • Pain (physical, emotional/mental and spiritual): Muscle, joint, and organ pain is effectively managed with non - manipulative, gentle hands-on therapies using Reiki, Ayurvedic body treatments, herbs/medications and body work. We offer many energy medicine techniques that you can receive and learn for yourself to treat all pain on all levels.The enneagram offers a look at why we suffer as humans in our reactions to the stressors we perceive in life.
  • Inflammation and aging: Anti-aging medicine is hot right now. New breakthroughs in medical science are showing us ways to preserve our cellular function. Of course Ayurvedic medicine knew this thousands of years ago. Allergies, skin issues, pain, and heart disease are most often from acute or chronic inflammatory conditions in the body. Again, if the body is inflammed it will not maitain balance and autoimmune diseases can follow.

Please note that insurance companies do not reimburse for some laboratory tests, education, or body work. It will be your responsibility to communicate with your insurance company.
Medical Services


Treatment Modalities

There are many ways to heal and many available treatment approaches. Keesha believes in the body’s power to heal itself and considers herself your coach. She will offer you the medical model that you are most comfortable with; the brain is very powerful and you will not heal if you do not believe you will heal.

  • Western Medicine: The Western Pharmaceutical range is vast and powerful. Taken long term however, most Western medicine will create liver and kidney toxicity, mask the underlying root of a problem, and cause your body to become dependant. Some diseases are well modulated through the use of Western meds and we offer these as needed with individualized treatment plans which include other complementary treatment modalities designed to offset the possible side effects caused by medication.
  • Botanical medicine: Whole herbs, formulas, Tinctures and teas specially formulated to the needs of each patient. Organic high potency whole herbs are generally used to gain maximum benefits from the energetics of the whole plant along with its active constituents.
  • Therapeutic nutrition and cuisine adjustment: Using the principles of Ayurvedic medicine (a 5000 year old system of holistic healing from ancient India which is based on the recognition that each person has a unique constitution), cuisine adjustment and herbal supplementation can correct factors leading to chronic imbalances. Constitutional Ayurvedic assessment is done through physical exam, pulse diagnosis and the interview process. Dosha questionnaires are fun to fill out so you get an idea of the doshas, but are not accurate. Nutrient therapy via therapeutic doses of supplements further adjusts deficiencies found via nutritional assessments and laboratory tests.
  • Physical medicine: Hands on therapies that give pain relief, release muscle spasms, readjust neuro-muscular function and stimulate the immune system. Reiki and body work are two of the modalities used.
  • Diet and Lifestyle counseling: Designed with the patient’s needs, preferences and unique constitution in mind. Fern Life Center has a number of classes on cooking, yoga, breathing (pranayama), and meditation. In addition, we offer workshops to deepen the education and integrate it into your life.
  • Mental Health Counseling, Stress Management & Biofeedback. Office counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, sex therapy, and easy ways for clients to manage their own healing process in the comfort of their own home. Hypertension, anxiety, pain, migraines, fatigue etc. are just a few of the conditions amenable to Reiki,  biofeedback and meditation.