The American Parasite that Affects over 70% of US

cancidaI ran across this amazing video outlining the history of gut issues in America and the role of our food industry in how this came about. I have been saying these things individually to my patients for a long time, but this cartoonist has put it together in a must see video that is very educational, but is also an advertisement for a probiotic company. Please take some time to watch this, but take the end with a GIANT grain of salt.  The probiotic manufacturer who paid to have this cartoon made would have you believe that all you have to do is take their product and never change your diet. This is wrong and trying to appeal to American’s desire to believe in “the magic pill theory”. There is no magic pill. Dietary changes must happen AND these little critters must be killed off. We now know you have to kill, crowd and starve unhealthy gut flora to get them balanced.

I have found that no two guts are the same. You really need to do a comprehensive stool analysis to discover what your particular mix of gut flora is. Where there is yeast, there is often other dysbiosis (like parasites or pathogenic bacteria). If you have insurance (anyone except Aetna), this test runs $119. Regular insurance based stool tests are just not accurate as they only test for candida or 3 parasites. In order to do a good job in getting the gut back to a healthy state it’s important to know if you have adequate digestive enzymes, absorption issues, the right PH, enough stomach acid, and whether or not you have inflammation. These things are not tested on insurance based tests.

Once we KNOW what you have going on a personalized protocol can be developed that will get you back on the road to health. This WILL involve supplementation and sometimes prescription medications. Additionally, regular colon hydrotherapy is extremely necessary in balancing your gut microbes AND ultimately is more cost effective and time efficient if you do it on the front end rather than waiting for months trying to do battle with just probiotics and diet.

I LOVE this clever cartooner, and this particular edition of his art is no exception. Grab a plate of broiled kale chips and sit down to enjoy:

Much love to everyone!

Dr. Keesha


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