Western Medicine


Let food be thy medicine; thy medicine shall be thy food. —Hippocrates


Keesha Ewers is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and bills insurance companies for regular medical diagnoses. She orders blood work and diagnostic tests, prescribes medications as necessary, and refers to specialists for problems that are not in her scope of expertise. However, she focuses on preventative medicine and on bringing each of her patients to a healthier place of balance, which many times includes weaning them off of their current medications. If this is the case for you, she will work closely with your other medical providers to ensure the best possible medical care for you.

If you are using your insurance benefits to see Keesha, you will find your medical care will be dictated by your insurance plan to a degree. For example, your appointment times may be shorter, as that is what insurance companies enforce. Fern Life Center does offer several programs that are fee for service or out of pocket that are more intensive and Keesha is able to offer more in each appointment. Whichever option you choose, you will be on a path of healing and receiving the best medical care available!

Please check with your insurance plan to make sure treatments and visits are covered. Sometimes Keesha will be listed by her former name Keesha Morris in insurance panel information.