Just Stop Smoking!

A New Smoking Cessation Program

An innovative smoking cessation program is now available at Fern Life Center. Just Stop is a nationally recognized program created by BioVeda Technologies and provided by registered practitioners throughout the U.S. Fern Life Center is now offering this innovative approach to successfully reduce or eliminate cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The Just Stop program utilizes a new kind of low level laser therapy combined with acupoint stimulation, information induction, herbal supplementation and homeopathy to help reduce stress, cravings and irritability. This program goes a step further by also helping to remove harmful toxins known to build in the blood, tissue and cells through habitual use of tobacco products. Just Stop helps you to stop smoking not only short term but also to avoid long term side effects related to smoking. It is not a nicotine replacement but a program designed to end nicotine dependence.

This unique program utilizes the innovative technology of the Aura PTL II laser which stimulates specific acupuncture points on the body that are associated with cravings. The use of light triggers an endorphin and serotonin release that effectively and naturally calms the body, reducing stress and irritability that many patients experience during the first 72 hours of being smoke-free. The herbal supplementation and homeopathy continue to help diminish stress and cravings while also pushing toxins that trigger the cravings out of the body.

How Effective is Just Stop?

Just Stop is one of the easiest and most effective quit programs available. Doctors across the U.S. are experiencing amazing success rates. In fact, success rates greater than 90% are common for doctors who pre-qualify candidates for the program.

Interested individuals can call the office to schedule a pre-qualification consultation. Anyone considering this program should be committed to quitting and improving their long-term quality of life.

To get started call the front office today - (425) 391-3376