Your Dosha

The following quiz can help you assess your dosha type. (It is a good idea to take this twice.) Click here to print your Dosha Assessment or you can follow along on the screen below.

You were born with a constitution/dosha type, (also know as Prakruti), but this changes/becomes imbalanced due to many factors like diet, exercise, environment, relationships, job, the season, the temperature, etc. (know as vikruti). Have someone who knows you well help you answer the questions and notice if your answers differ!

Please write 0 to 7 in the boxes below. “0” means is does not apply and “7” means it applies most of the time.


My physique is thin, I don’t gain weight easily
I am quick and active
My skin is dry, more so in the Winter
My hands and feet are usually cold
My energy fluctuates and comes in bursts
I usually develop gas or constipation
I usually have difficulty falling asleep or having a sound night’s sleep
I am uncomfortable in cold weather
My nature is lively and enthusiastic
I have difficulty memorizing things and remembering them later
It is easy for me to learn new things quickly, but I also forget quickly
I am not good at making decisions
I am anxious or worrisome by nature
People think I am talkative and that I talk too quickly
I am usually emotional by nature and my moods fluctuate
My mind is restless, but also imaginative
I have irregular eating and sleeping habits

My Total Vata Score ___________


I don’t tolerate hot weather
I sweat easily
I cannot tolerate delaying or skipping a meal
My hair is fine, straight, light, blond, red, graying early or balding
My appetite is good and I can eat big meals
My bowel movements are regular. I might have occasional loose stools, but not constipation
I like cold drinks and such foods as ice cream
I often feel hot
Spicy, hot foods upset my stomach
I consider myself efficient
I try to be organized and accurate
I have a strong will and my friends think I am stubborn
I am impatient by nature
I tend to become irritable or angry quite easily
I try to be meticulous and am a perfectionist by nature
I get angry easily, but don’t hold a grudge
I am usually critical of myself and others

My Total Pitta Score ___________


It is easy for me to gain weight but difficult to lose it
Skipping meals is easy for me and does not cause any problem
I tend to have congestion, mucous, or sinus problems
I am a sound sleeper
I have thick, oily, dark, wavy hair
My skin is smooth and soft with an almost pale complexion
My body frame is large and solid with a heavy bone structure
My digestion is slow, so I feel full after eating
I have a steady energy level with good endurance and strong stamina
I am sensitive to cool and damp weather
I tend to be slow, methodical, and relaxed
I need to sleep a minimum of eight hours to feel well the next morning
By nature I am calm and composed. I don’t get angry easily
I am not a quick learner but I am good at memorizing things and remembering them later
Many people consider me affectionate, forgiving, and peaceful
I usually oversleep and have difficulty waking up the next morning
I am very reluctant to take on new responsibilities

My Total Kapha Score ___________

If the difference between the scores of two doshas is less than 10 points, then you might be a two-dosha constitution. For example, Vata 68, Pitta 75, Kapha 44 is a Pitta-Vata body type. This person will have some Vata attributes and some Pitta attributes physically, mentally, and emotionally. If all three doshas are within 10 points you might be a tridoshic body type.

This is for a general overview. To be very specific, one of our medical providers will do a pulse diagnosis and evaluate you in person.