Increased Cortisol Levels Are Directly Related to Memory Loss

It’s true…adrenal fatigue, or increased cortisol levels (as well as crashed out cortisol levels from being increased too many years), are directly related to hippocampal atrophy. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that doles memories out to where they are to be archived and retrieves them when they are needed. When you cannot find that word, that memory, or put a name to the face in front of you…think hippocampus not working well.


You can check your adrenal levels (and therefore get a handle of hippocampal function) by doing a salivary cortisol test. It’s $175 out of pocket to do this test. It’s called the adrenal stress index and it measures hormones too. The data obtained from this inexpensive test is invaluable in treating fatigue and memory loss.


The usual suspects are the treatment, but individualizing them is key! There is no one-size-fits all anything and this is no exception. Some general broad swipes at treating adrenal fatigue are what you already know:

  • Eat Paleo (or according to your genetics)
  • Stop eating foods you are sensitive to (do the ALCAT or LEAP test to find out what these are)
  • Exercise (depending on your status this will vary)
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy for in-activating your stress triggers
  • Herbs to replenish your adrenal function
  • Get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep and no more than 9

Remember that the vet asks you what you are feeding your dog if your dog is losing its hair. Physicians rarely ask you that question when you are losing yours. Vets get 18 months of nutrition training in school and physicians 20 hours at the very most. Ask yourself if you are doing the right thing for yourself…don’t make your vet ask you J.

Here’s to your health!

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