Email Policy

A few words about email communication:
Our email address is

To communicate more directly with patients we have set up this email system. If you email the office or Keesha directly, you have consented to direct email communication with the understanding that no email is perfectly private. Our goal is to answer emails in 24 hours and you will likely get a response faster using this mode of communication rather than the phone. Email is not infallible. If we have not answered you within 24 hours please resend your email. If we still do not answer, our spam filter has deemed that you are not safe and it is time to call the clinic to let us know your email is not getting through and we will add you to the safe list.

Refill – Use this for routine refills. Please note that if you have not had an appointment for a few months, Keesha likely filled your medications until she wanted to see you again and you need to make an appointment for follow-up. For antibiotics and controlled substances, such as pain and anti-anxiety medications, Keesha does not refill these medications without an appointment.

Non-Urgent Question –
When little things come up, it is fine to ask a question.  If Keesha cannot answer the question without seeing you, she will ask you to make an appointment. Please limit your emails to one or two questions per week. If this is not possible, you need to make an appointment.

URGENTThere is no such thing as Urgent email and, if you put that in the subject line, your email will be answered within 24 hours. If you are wondering if you need to come in or have an urgent health concern, please make an appointment. That is the only way to guarantee your medical issue will get addressed in a timely fashion. If you have chest pain or an emergency, please call 911 and do not rely on email.

The following subjects are never appropriate for standard e-mail:
• Any urgent medical problem or emergency
• Mental health issues
• Drug and alcohol problems
• HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

E-mail is fast, convenient, and efficient. E-mail works well for many non-urgent questions, requests or messages you may have for your health care provider. The most important thing you should know is that the confidentiality of e-mail exchanges cannot be guaranteed. While the security of e-mail is comparable to other types of communication (such as phone calls), there are some special issues with e-mail:

• If your e-mail address is through your employer, your employer may own all e-mails sent to that address.
• If your e-mail address is a family address, other family members may see your messages.
• If you use an internet service provider, there is a small risk that messages may be intercepted by others (“hackers”).

Fern Life Center does not control the security of incoming email messages from patients. Patients e-mail personal health information at their own risk. If you have some personal and/or private issue, your best course of action is making an appointment.