Affirmations to uncover your potential!Start Creating and Manifesting Positive Results in Your Life Today!

Fern-Firmations can help you do just that! Each month a new affirmation will be published in our newsletter. (You can register to receive our newsletter from the lower right-hand column of our Home page.) We invite you to use that affirmation to create a positive change in your life by following the instructions on this page. Here is a sample affirmation you may start with today:

I make healthy food choices for my body.

Here's to uncovering all of YOUR POTENTIAL!


Positive affirmations have been powerful tools for change in the lives of thousands of people. They are ways to re-train the brain to release old limiting beliefs that create limiting behaviors. Remember that wherever your attention goes, so goes your action. Behavior creates the reality you then live. A carefully crafted 21 day program for change is possible by using "Fern-Firmations". Choose an area that you feel needs transformation. Write an affirmation that will create a new pathway in the brain. Remember that if you listen to the same CD over and over again, you will hear the same music over and over again. Do you like the self-talk you are hearing over and over again? Are you even aware of the tone of voice your use with yourself? Get present to your self-talk and then create a new way of speaking so you can create a new reality for yourself. It could be losing weight, achieving a specific goal, changing a relationship or job. You can use some of the Fern-Firmations that Keesha has provided for you on the website, in the newsletter, and around the clinic on cards, or you can craft one that fits your specific situation. Keep these things in mind:

Write each affirmation ten times a day for 21 consecutive days. “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!” --Henry Ford

To affirm means: “To declare or state positively; assert and maintain to be true”.

There are 5 parts to a successful affirmation:

1. It must be positive

2. It must be said and felt with passion and power

• Think it

• Feel it

• Hear it

• Smell it

3. It must be said in the present moment

4. It must be possible

5. It must be personal

Here are some other points to observe:

1. Speak softly and slowly

2. Visualize the results

3. Let go of details

4. Keep a separate notebook or use your computer

5. Use reminders

6. Begin with gratitude

7. Use one primary affirmation at a time

8. Listen to your self-talk

9. Become aware of your judgments

10. Write down your limiting thoughts so you are aware of them and can release them

11. We don’t always get what we want. Finish affirmation with “This or something better for all concerned is manifesting itself for me.”

12. God might have a better plan